What We Do

Event Design & Planning

As a pioneer and innovator in the field of event planning, Bonnie Walker has raised her profession to an exquisite art. In her hands, Bar Mitzvahs become fundraisers for charitable causes; first-class dinner parties go from cliché to classy; destination weddings become romantic second honeymoons for every couple invited; and something as simple as a small birthday dinner at that impossible-to-get-into new restaurant blossoms into an unforgettable surprise weekend getaway to Aspen with friends.  BWE’s Event Design & Planning services offer you consultation  on the ultimate theme and design for the event along with the details you will need to hold an amazing event such as a realistic budget, venue options and suggested partners who will perform without exception.

Client Philosophy

Sara Van Kirk & Shawn Michael Fay Jr.Bonnie and her team bring their 25 years of experience and creative eye to all their client engagements.  Bonnie believes in getting to know her clients as people in addition to their tastes, preferences and goals for an event.  It is during this process that Bonnie shines as she takes these inputs and transforms them into dreams and wishes that actually come to life.  Her clients often can’t believe how Bonnie accomplishes this but Bonnie knows the secret is personalization and a relentless focus on the details.  As Bonnie puts it, “Everything is not just fresh and creative — it’s fine. Every square inch of what I do is to perfection,” she says, describing how she pre-presses every crease in the napkins so they lay just right on the table. Laughing, she admits, “Maybe I’m a little too detailed, but that’s my thing — and a lot has to do with my mother, who taught me everything.”